Arc Welding

Magna Welding Alloys provides you with: Great Versatility, Better Physical Properties and Greater Ease of Application.

The Magna difference is in the microstructure of the weld metal.

Ordinary welding wires are made to match a standard base metal analysis. Most base metals are rolled, forged, or heat-treated, which improves their physical properties. With ordinary electrodes, the melting and resolidification process changes the deposit structure completely from that of the base metal.

Magna alloys contain rare earth compounds, special alloying elements, deoxidizers and stabilizers. These compensate for the transformation of the electrode composition during the critical melting and resolidification phases.

For Steels

For Cast Iron

For Aluminum Alloys

For Copper Alloys

For Cutting and Chamfering

For Tool Steel

Hard Facing Alloys

Nickel Alloys

For Stainless Steel