Manual Transmissions

Straight Mineral Gear Oil

Straight Mineral Gear Oil. A premium oil heavily fortified against foam and oxidation permitting high heat and improved wear performance.


Super EP Gear Oil

OMEGA 690 Super EP Gear Oil protects & lubricates gears with the innovative CTA (Compensatory Thermostatic Action) that delivers the ultimate "stay put" lubricity - maximizing gear efficiency. OMEGA 690 surpasses the API GL-5 and GL-6 requirements


X-Guard Synthetic Gear Oil

Omega 693 X-Guard Synthetic Gear Oil is specially designed with synthetic base fluid and unique additive package to provide efficient protection and lubrication to enclosed gear units exposed to harsh service conditions at extremely high and low temperatures.


"Dura-Power" Drive Train & Hydraulic Fluid

"Dura-Power" Drive Train & Hydraulic Fluid. Exceeds the latest Caterpillar TO-4 and Allison C-4 Specification. For use in transmissions, hydraulics, wet brakes, power take-off's & final drives. Unique "Balanced Fluidity" component virtually eliminates clutch/power setting adjustments for the life of your equipment.


Super Automatic Transmission Fluid

The new OMEGA 699 Super Automatic Transmission Fluid is a truly multi-purpose fluid that meets and exceeds most original equipment manufacturers specifications for automatic transmission fluids, including GM DEXRON IIIĀ® and Ford MerconĀ®.