Hard Facing Alloys

Special Alloy for Crushing Equipment

Special Alloy for Crushing Equipment. High alloy designed for crushers. Gives super impact and abrasion resistance.


Universal Hardfacing Electrode

Universal Hardfacing Electrode. Tough ferritic matrix that resists both impact and abrasion. Outwears other electrodes that cost twice as much.


Impact-Resistant Alloy for Manganese Steel

Impact-Resistant Alloy for Manganese Steel. Withstands extreme shock, loading & impact. Ideal for heavy construction & mining equipment overlays and build-ups.


Hardfacing Electrode for High-Stress Abrasion

Features a dense matrix impregnated with hard carbides to resist both high-stress and low-stress.


Hardfacing Electrode for Extreme Abrasion

Hardfacing Electrode for Extreme Abrasion. Withstands even the most severe grinding abrasion. Outwear ordinary hardfacing rods as much as 30 to 1.


Superior Build-Up Electrode

Superior Build-Up Electrode. Excellent for flame hardening. Non-cracking even on multipass deposits.